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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to write the osmosis lab report

How to write the Osmosis lab report

Title (1 point)
-The Lab Report title should relate to what the lab is about

Introduction/Notes (3 points)
- Use complete sentences to define osmosis and diffusion and how water goes in and out of a cell.

Hypothesis (5 points)
-Use the hypothesis from Day 2 on the lab notes
-No personal pronouns – use the “if/then” form
-Do not give a reason why you think the egg will shrink or grow

Procedure (5)
-Include a materials list here
-Use bullet points to describe what to do each day

Data Table (5)
-Title on the Data Table
-Label with units of measurement

Observations (3)
-Describe how the egg appeared each day (see the adjective on your lab notes)

Conclusion (5)
-Did your egg shrink or grow?
-Was your hypothesis was right or wrong?
-Try to explain why the egg shrunk or grew from what you know about osmosis and diffusion.

Effort (5)
-Is it neat and easy to read? (It’s OK to word process)
-Spelling. Grammar, and Punctuation count!

Daily Notes (3)
-Attach your lab notes to the Lab Report

Total (35 points)

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